Jun 27, 2024

How we exponentially grew the sales pipeline for Word On The Block, a influencer marketing agency by delivering them 22 meeting-ready leads in 34 days.

We define a 'meeting-ready lead' as prospect who has requested to have a call and who match the criteria the client has set for a qualified lead. (Ex: A call request from a CMO of a D2C brand with +50 employees)


Word On The Block is a influencer marketing and management platform which helps any D2C company/brand to scale their influencer marketing efforts. They offer complete hands off experience in finding niche specific influencers, briefing them about the campaign, executing the campaigns and finally handing over the performance data to the brand on autopilot. They also help brands to work with big influencers like MKBHD, Andrew Huberman, Donut and more.

Before they partnered with us:

When we reached out to this client they had all their business coming from pure referrals. They desired to scale the business but didn’t had the time or skill to build a scalable B2B cold outreach system. They had tried cold emails and LinkedIn in-house but didn't find success in them doing it.

We took them on a partner:

We knew their target market consisted of large, relatively harder-to-penetrate busy individuals, so a more custom strategy was necessary to get to the desired outcome.

Instead of our famous high volume high deliverability outbound campaigns, we decided to go small-scale, hyper-targeted, and hyper-personalized approach which would yield the best results.

Here's how we did it:

Database Sourcing:

We started out by confirming what our clients’ Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) was, i.e. what the characteristics of the companies and people were that they really wanted to have as customers.

With this information, we started scraping the web with our internal tools, building lists of companies that would fit their ICP.

Next, we were able to extract and verify the contact information of all relevant decision makers with a waterfall enrichment strategy where every single contact when through +20 data providers to get the most accurate data as possible.

Domain & Inbox Setup:

Congruent with our plan to send less volume but better targeted, and more personalized emails, we build a smaller sending setup than usual. Due to the chosen approach we gathered more datapoints on each prospect to create more personalized campaigns. 

Since we were targeting prospects in large D2C companies, with stronger spam filters, we needed to have excellent email deliverability. We achieved this by our load balancing method in combination with a low volume approach. We also diversified our mailbox providers and auto matched them with the recipients mailbox.

Testing & Optimization Strategy:

We put our "small-scale, laser-targeted, and hyper-personalized approach" to work and started sending several small batches of highly personalized email scripts to decision-makers in key accounts. 

The results were overwhelmingly positive, so not much optimization had to be done in this instance. Due to the low sending volume, our email sending systems were healthy and good.

Spam Monitoring:

We closely monitored deliverability of each inbox on all major ESPs (Email Service Provider’s). Meaning that the moment one of our inboxes was not landing in gmail, hotmail, outlook or other email platforms anymore, we were notified and could take that inbox out of our campaigns, and replace it by backups.

Campaign Results:

Before working with us, this influencer marketing agency had no secondary channel for leadflow and sales appointments. 

After our partnership we've switched this 180 degrees, and:

  • Delivered +22 meeting-ready leads in 34 days to their SDR team.

  • We had more than 5% actual reply rates on all our campaigns (excluding OOOs and Automated replies)

  • Gave them a consistent & scaleable client acquisition method.

  • Have proven that outbound works for them.

Why you're reading this…

If anything above resonates with your current situation, then this is exactly what you need. We are helping marketing agencies to build and establish an AI-powered cold outreach system in-house.

That means, we’ll teach your team to scale and manage this system in-house so that you don’t have to be dependent on us. Best part is we work on pure performance. 

So if you want this system done and established in your agency in under 3 months, book a discovery call with me and we’ll go through your current scenario. 

This call will be purely to discuss about your agency and if we can help you or not, that means there will be no pitching numbers on this call. 

So book a call with me and I’ll be waiting on the other side :) 

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